Neptune: A collection of bespoke jewellery exploring the intricacies of marine flora with extraordinary Australian gemstones.

The Neptune collection has emerged through observation and appreciation of the beauty of marine algae—considered by some to be the most important organism on Earth.
Neptune includes three series: Seagrass Meadows, Sea Grapes and Lichen. Each is informed by the rich landscapes of Australia’s shorelines and the marine flora that thrives there. Particular inspiration has been drawn from the environments of the South Coast of NSW, from the kaleidoscopic jewel tones and bright golden sands of Jervis Bay—a place jeweller Marina Antoniou has been visiting since childhood.

It was here, during peaceful days spent walking along tide lines, paying attention to interesting shadows, glistening seaweed fronds and other washed-up specimens, that the idea for Neptune crystallised. Back in the studio, the photographs she took of these scenes inspired her to play with specially sourced gemstones, exploring colour, contrast and form.
The collection is handcrafted with 18ct yellow gold in organic forms and set with Australian gemstones—turquoise, zircon, chrysoprase, diamonds and sapphires—that come from remote corners of the country.
These extraordinary stones cast their brilliant reflections upon the gold, the interplay of their warm hues bringing memories of sunlight, seawater and sand.
Neptune is an exercise in gaining creativity from nature, and each series is a celebration of its treasures.


Seagrass Meadows features elongated shapes and baguette stones, inspired by blades of seagrass in underwater meadows. The movement of the earrings echoes their gentle sway, while gemstones trace curves like ocean currents.
Pairings of dark and light sapphires with diamonds and turquoise cabochons reflect the journey of moving underwater, swimming through cool waters, dappled light and shade on the sea meadow floor. Seagrass Meadows explores the raw beauty of these ocean prairies: mysterious and magnificent.

Pieces in this series reflect the smooth, bright bubble of a sea grape, bursting with life. Chrysoprase cabochons and slices meet sapphires and golden granules in organic forms, reminiscent of the textures of the shoreline.
In this place, layers of matter that come from different sources all find harmony in a shared landing place.

The Lichen series features yellow sapphires sprawling across hand-carved organic forms, like seaside lichen growing over rock pools.

Bright cognac diamonds and zircons add to the glimmer, warm hues radiating out in delicate patterns.

Marina Antoniou is an artisan jeweller based in Sydney, Australia, who has been practising her craft here for over 13 years.
Using hand tools and honest materials, Marina works with precious metals and carefully sourced Australian gemstones to handcraft bespoke, one-of-a-kind jewellery. Her work is inherently circular, all materials are locally sourced from Australian-owned suppliers and gemstones are sourced specially from her contacts around the country.
Marina approaches each piece as its own individual and intricate artwork, defined by organic shapes and inspired by colourways found in the natural world. In her work, she finds unending inspiration in the qualities of rare and precious Australian gemstones.
The NEPTUNE collection will launch at Co_ta @ the Strand on Saturday 4th November 12-4pm. 
Places are limited. RSVP your attendance here.
View pieces from NEPTUNE and Marina's previous work here.

Words: Elisha Kennedy
Photography: Kim Low & Marina Antoniou