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Marina Antoniou

My jewellery blends seamless forms with considered organic shapes and textures. Every curve, line and mark made is a gentle reminder of the connection between my hands as a maker and the materials I work with. This connection, as well as the connection formed with those that wear my jewellery is what inspires me to continually create.
River Rocks Diamond Ring
River Rocks Diamond Ring Regular price$8,900.00
Sold out
Lichen Surface Necklace
Lichen Surface Necklace Regular price$3,900.00
Sea Grape Surface Ring
Sea Grape Surface Ring Regular price$5,500.00
Sold out
Sea Grape Cluster Ring
Sea Grape Cluster Ring Regular price$6,600.00
Seagrass Meadow Granule Studs
Seagrass Meadow Granule Studs Regular price$4,600.00
Lichen Surface Ring
Lichen Surface Ring Regular price$5,900.00
Seagrass Meadow Drops
Seagrass Meadow Drops Regular price$13,000.00
Sea Grape Studs
Sea Grape Studs Regular price$5,900.00
Sold out
Seagrass Meadow Ring
Seagrass Meadow Ring Regular price$14,900.00
Sold out
Sea Grape Slice Drop Earrings
Sea Grape Slice Drop Earrings Regular price$14,900.00
Lichen Low Tide Ring
Lichen Low Tide Ring Regular price$4,900.00
Sold out
Seagrass Meadow Studs
Seagrass Meadow Studs Regular price$4,900.00
Sold out
Seagrass Stack Rings (2x)
Seagrass Stack Rings (2x) Regular price$11,900.00
Lichen Cluster Ring
Lichen Cluster Ring Regular price$17,000.00
Seagrass Meadow Necklace
Seagrass Meadow Necklace Regular price$8,500.00
Sold out
Lichen Surface Studs
Lichen Surface Studs Regular price$2,900.00
Sea Grape Cuff
Sea Grape Cuff Regular price$5,900.00
Sold out
Water Turquoise Ring
Water Turquoise Ring Regular price$4,500.00
Single Granule Ring
Single Granule Ring Regular price$3,900.00
Sold out
Mini Sapphire Granule Ring
Mini Sapphire Granule Ring Regular price$1,100.00
Sold out
Orion Studs
Orion Studs Regular price$4,400.00
Sold out
Sea Grape Necklace
Sea Grape Necklace Regular price$3,500.00
Sold out
Oval Andamooka Opal ring
Oval Andamooka Opal ring Regular price$3,800.00
Marquise Opal Necklace
Marquise Opal Necklace Regular price$1,900.00