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Modern Australian Jewellery design.Discover More

Cesar Cueva

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Cinnamon Lee

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Courtesy of the Artist sits at the forefront of Australian contemporary jewellery and object design, with a distinctively modern aesthetic and a refreshing approach to creating everyday luxuries.  


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Untitled 05-2018-
Untitled 05-2018- Regular price$690.00
Asymetrical Forged Earrings
Asymetrical Forged Earrings Regular price$595.00
Hybrid Pear Drop Tourmaline Earrings
Hybrid Pear Drop Tourmaline Earrings Regular price$6,100.00
Hybrid Emerald Earrings
Hybrid Emerald Earrings Regular price$13,500.00
Grey Shapes Earrings
Grey Shapes Earrings Regular price$290.00
Grey and Blue Apron Earrings
Grey and Blue Apron Earrings Regular price$345.00
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