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For one precious hour from 6pm-7pm on May the 23rd in 2020, everyone who booked a ticket to this virtual exhibition….enjoyed a multi-sensory experience using sight, sound, taste and scent…..as a way to fully immerse themselves in Fealofani Elisara’s latest jewellery collection ‘HABITAT’.

Everyone who took this virtual tour, received a package in the mail, where they unpacked its contents with Gallery Director, Nina Cueva and the artist. Even if you were unable to receive one of these fun packages, you can still join us as we launch her collection.

This powerful collaboration with photographer Cesar Cueva consisted of miniature sceneries featuring her latest collection… amongst EIGHT unique habitats.

Each HABITAT was THEN rounded out with soundscapes by music producer Adam Cox, elements of scent by Ainslie Walker and other added surprises to help transport their guests out of their HABITAT…. into a re-imagined one!


‘You know you’re hitting an ethical and creative high point when your jewellery is Australian made by the country’s leading practitioners using locally sourced gemstones’. 

Frances Mocnik – The Good Weekend


Rare Earth: Australian Made is the reimagining of contemporary fine jewellery.

Showcasing the individual work by six of our resident artists, we celebrate some of Australia’s most coveted gemstones from the complex beauty of parti sapphires from Central Queensland with colours of sea green, vivid teal and cobalt blue… to the magical beauty found in our precious champagne and cognac diamonds from Western Australia.

With one of the most beautiful collections of Australian gemstones available for commission, we are able to custom design something special for both you… and your loved ones!

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact: nina@courtesyoftheartist.com



Custom Artists

Our Custom artists balance traditional craftsmanship with innovative technologies to provide the best in contemporary fine jewellery. Introducing Cesar Cueva, Marina Antoniou, Cinnamon Lee, Fealofani Elisara, Todd Turner and Roberto Mattei.

Meet our Custom Artists

At Courtesy of the Artist Custom, we have chosen six contemporary fine jewellers for their superior level of craftsmanship and unique design aesthetic to create a collection, like no other! Choosing from our precious vault of Australian sapphires and the most sought after gemstones from around the world, each piece is handcrafted at the highest level to create jewellery that is truly one of a kind.

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