We've received a fresh set of parti sapphires just in time for Spring - and we can't wait to share them with you.
Meet four of Nina's favourites below.
"Looking into this 2.72-carat hexagonal beauty is like watching the sun sparkle into the depths of the ocean. Shades of cyan and flecks of emerald green shine through darker blues to calm and mesmerise."
"Like molten honey, the warm gold of this stunning 0.8-carat emerald cut is warm and inviting, contrasted with cooler hints of green and darker shadows."
"A cross between a baguette and a French cut, the shape of this stone is as unique as the colours within. A stunning two-toned gradient of yellows and greens, this 1.26-carat beauty reminds me of watching the sun rise over the summer sea."
"Like morning sunshine creeping over rolling hills, the yellow centre of this 3.55-carat oval cut brings warmth to the stone. Shades of green and gold dance together in perfect, joyful harmony."
These are just a selection from Nina's unrivalled collection.
If you'd like to see the full range, please book an appointment today.