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Shimara Carlow

Born in a remote coastal area in West Cork, Southern Ireland in 1979, a childhood fascination for collecting shells, stones, mermaid's purses, feathers and seed pods found along the sea shore has been the inspiration for my work. My work remains very organic and tactile, borrowing ideas from nature to create precious jewellery.
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Small Honesty Necklace
Small Honesty Necklace Regular price$1,515.00
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Silver Gum Nut and Leaf Earrings
Silver Gum Nut and Leaf Earrings Regular price$280.00
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Long Silver Petal Earrings
Long Silver Petal Earrings Regular price$935.00
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Long Petal Earrings with Diamonds
Long Petal Earrings with Diamonds Regular price$2,065.00
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Large Wrap Earrings
Large Wrap Earrings Regular price$605.00
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Gold Silver Wrap Pendant
Gold Silver Wrap Pendant Regular price$645.00
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Yellow Gold Acorn Earrings
Yellow Gold Acorn Earrings Regular price$720.00
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Silver Wrap Bangle
Silver Wrap Bangle Regular price$869.00
Double Daisy Earrings
Double Daisy Earrings Regular price$200.00
Small Acorn Cup Earrings
Small Acorn Cup Earrings Regular price$135.00