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Jin ah Jo

I am fascinated with reconstructing and deconstructing forms to erase one’s familiarity, but then add elements for wearability. Geometric structures, buildings, the shape of Korean letters and deconstructionism in architecture are all of the things that inspire me as an artist. Perforation is signature to my work and I’m still mesmerised by the extended quality, in perforated mild steel.
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Blue Two Strip Bangle
Blue Two Strip Bangle Regular price$360.00
Green Perforated Hoops
Green Perforated Hoops Regular price$440.00
Multiple Faceted Pink Bangle
Multiple Faceted Pink Bangle Regular price$320.00
Sold out
Multiple Faceted Green Bangle
Multiple Faceted Green Bangle Regular price$320.00
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Blue Big Hexagon Earrings
Blue Big Hexagon Earrings Regular price$240.00
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Green Round Perforated Bangle
Green Round Perforated Bangle Regular price$380.00