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Danielle Lo

Danielle’s practice has a deep focus on presence and place, emulating forms of nature within her surroundings. She draws her ideas with an underlining focus on Zen theories, by creating a sense of balance and strength. The works she makes are an intimate physical exploration of conceptual ideas that are achieved using shape, form, line, colour and textual elements.

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Stand Alone Ring
Stand Alone Ring Regular price$210.00
Cluster Pendant
Cluster Pendant Regular price$170.00
Cluster No 4
Cluster No 4 Regular price$375.00
Cluster No 3
Cluster No 3 Regular price$350.00
Buoyant Earrings
Buoyant Earrings Regular price$130.00
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Hold Me Up ring
Hold Me Up ring Regular price$300.00
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Fragment Earrings
Fragment Earrings Regular price$90.00