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Belinda Esperson

I try to capture the honesty and simplicity of casually collected fragments of the Australian bush – the twiggy scruffiness of curled dry leaves, shards of shedding bark, holes and blemishes made by insects, raw textures and bleached tones, gumnut and seed pod forms – tied on a string as keepsakes with raw beauty and fragility from our natural environment.
Asymetrical Forged Earrings
Asymetrical Forged Earrings Regular price$595.00
Sold out
Two Pods Bangle
Two Pods Bangle Regular price$595.00
Sold out
Forged Seed Pod Earrings
Forged Seed Pod Earrings Regular price$575.00
Native Bouquet Earrings
Native Bouquet Earrings Regular price$730.00
Sold out
Single Pod Earrings
Single Pod Earrings Regular price$375.00
Sold out
Full Pod Form Earrings
Full Pod Form Earrings Regular price$1,210.00
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Two Brushed Pods Necklace
Two Brushed Pods Necklace Regular price$1,235.00