Grey skies getting you down? You're in good company.

Fani, our artist of the month is the perfect antidote: equal parts soft and strong, fabulous and mysterious, she's no stranger to adversity. Having lived several lives, she's now making waves with her luxe-yet-fierce approach to jewellery making.

Read on for more of Fani's story, and to find out about two upcoming exhibitions.

Fealofani Elisara in and around Sydney CBD

Parts Unknown: meet Fealofani Elisara

It's the morning of our photoshoot and Queen Elizabeth has just died. When asked about it, it's clear that Fealofani (or Fani as she's known) is unafraid to speak her mind. 'She was a super badass and quietly tempered, but I've got to say, it may be time for us to evolve and honour indigenous elders in the same way!'

It's this daringness to defy and delight that is Fani's trademark thanks to her unconventional roots. Cast out of a religious family for coming out at a young age, Fani found refuge in various creative expressions. First a musician, she then held positions in design retail before becoming a writer. 'My ultimate dream was to become an artist, but I didn't know how it would manifest.' Six years ago, she fell in love with jewellery design upon meeting our resident gem curator Nina Cueva.

Fani's design work is, of course, also unconventional. Rather than typical gemstones, her pieces often feature undervalued and lesser-known gems. 'These stones have also been here for billions of years evolving out of molten lava. Why cant we honour them as well?'

Whether it's honouring mother earth, her clients or the precious gemstones she works with, Fani's passion is to empower women and armour them up in fierce and fabulous jewellery - hence her aptly named practice, 'Architect of Gemstone Armoury'. 

See recent custom pieces by Fani>>

Fani's latest exhibition is slated to launch in 2023. She's also often the friendly face of our gallery at the Strand. Swing by and say hi, or find her work on socials at @fealofani.elisara or @courtesyoftheartist.

If you'd like to commission a piece by Fani or any of our other custom artists, simply make a booking below. Whilst new custom pieces won't be ready by Christmas, you can always gift a stone to that special someone - and embark on the design journey together. 


Stone of the Month with Nina Cueva

'Measuring 4.5ct, this stunning emerald cut beauty from Rubyvale Queensland is now available for custom design. She has the perfect balance of teal, green and chartreuse colours that illuminate the best in nature.'Image of a 4.5ct emerald-cut sapphire found in Rubyvale, Queensland.

After a custom piece? Nina is taking appointments at our Strand store at the following times:

Mondays - Fridays 10am-5pm AEST
Saturdays 10am-4pm AEST

To book, simply click the button below, contact Nina directly at or call us on (02) 9232 6894.

Virtual appointments also available and welcome.