What makes a gemstone unique? 

Dominant hues might come to mind: red for rubies, blue or teal for sapphires and so forth.  Some can however be bi- or multi-coloured, either by nature's alchemy or a twist of fate. For such stones, It is this interplay, a dance, rather than a singular note that defines its essence.

In celebration of spring, this month we meet Carla, an artist known for her beautiful colour gradations. Enjoy.

In Living Colour: meet Carla Maxine Germann

It's a Friday morning at CoTA headquarters and there's excitement in the air: Carla Maxine Germann has just touched down from Noosa, and she's in town for the day to meet clients. 'Normally they come because they've seen something they like online, or they'd like an heirloom restored. They use this as a starting point and from there they'll go more classic or asymmetrical.'  

Carla's work is renowned for its intricate combinations of small stones scalloped around a centrepiece, and the gradation of colour that ties them together. The result is pieces that are rich and complex, with an ombré, watercolour-like quality.

'It's hard work to find these little ones that exactly match the colour,' Carla says. 'I've had to source far and wide, some from America, some from Thailand and even Pakistan.'

See recent custom pieces by Carla >>

Carla makes monthly visits to our store and she'd love to meet you. Simply follow us @courtesyoftheartist and Carla @carlamaxinejewellery on socials to stay up to date for her next visit.

Drop-in visitors are always welcome, but please make an appointment if you're after a finished piece before Christmas.

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Stone of the Month with Nina Cueva

'Featured in our 'Rare Earth Australian Made' Collection is this stunning 4.62ct cushion cut Parti Sapphire found in Rubyvale, Queensland that was also faceted on our Australian gem fields.

'I love the vibrancy of this sapphire because it has a full spectrum of teal, olive and green hues. It's truly intoxicating and hard to put down once she catches the light.'

New arrival: Mother of Pearl

We've just received a new shipment of Danni Schwaag pieces from Germany, including these gorgeous earrings hand-carved in mother of pearl.

Come by our store this weekend and ask to see Danni's new pieces - they're going quick!


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