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The White Diamond Crown Wedding Band
The White Diamond Crown Wedding Band Regular price$6,600.00
The Australian Sapphire Solitaire Ring
The Australian Sapphire Solitaire Ring Regular price$22,000.00
Leptospermum Specimen 5
Leptospermum Specimen 5 Regular price$580.00
Leptospermum Ring
Leptospermum Ring Regular price$580.00
Ripple Yellow Gold Ring
Ripple Yellow Gold Ring Regular price$1,930.00
Ripple Silver Ring
Ripple Silver Ring Regular price$662.00
Aqua Silver Ring
Aqua Silver Ring Regular price$680.00
Terra Silver Ring
Terra Silver Ring Regular price$680.00
Ignis Silver Ring
Ignis Silver Ring Regular price$680.00
Aer Silver Ring
Aer Silver Ring Regular price$680.00
Sea Grape Surface Ring
Sea Grape Surface Ring Regular price$5,500.00
Sold out
Sea Grape Cluster Ring
Sea Grape Cluster Ring Regular price$6,600.00
Lichen Surface Ring
Lichen Surface Ring Regular price$5,900.00
Sold out
Seagrass Meadow Ring
Seagrass Meadow Ring Regular price$14,900.00
Lichen Low Tide Ring
Lichen Low Tide Ring Regular price$4,900.00
Sold out
Seagrass Stack Rings (2x)
Seagrass Stack Rings (2x) Regular price$11,900.00
Lichen Cluster Ring
Lichen Cluster Ring Regular price$17,000.00
Queen of Protection Ring
Queen of Protection Ring Regular price$17,900.00
Ancestral Beauty Ring
Ancestral Beauty Ring Regular price$16,900.00
Sovereign Beauty Ring
Sovereign Beauty Ring Regular price$48,000.00
To Shine From Within Ring
To Shine From Within Ring Regular price$29,500.00
Contact Sapphire Ring
Contact Sapphire Ring Regular price$9,500.00
Sold out
Water Turquoise Ring
Water Turquoise Ring Regular price$4,500.00
The White Opal Hybrid Ring
The White Opal Hybrid Ring Regular price$16,000.00