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Carla Maxine Germann

For South African born Carla Maxine Germann, making jewellery offers a creative means to expressing her cross-cultural experience. Carla has an extensive academic background in jewellery design and manufacturing, and after moving to Sydney in 2016 she has been able to turn her knowledge and experience into a thriving business.

Carla’s pieces are magical tales of the alchemy of nature’s own jewels – precious metals and gems found in the earth’s core.

Hybrid Watermelon Tourmaline Ring
Hybrid Watermelon Tourmaline Ring Regular price$14,500.00
Sold out
Oval Cluster Sapphire Ring
Oval Cluster Sapphire Ring Regular price$4,900.00
Sold out
Hybrid Diamond Ring
Hybrid Diamond Ring Regular price$8,970.00
Cognac Diamond Cluster Ring
Cognac Diamond Cluster Ring Regular price$6,660.00
Freeform Sapphire Cluster Ring
Freeform Sapphire Cluster Ring Regular price$17,500.00
Hybrid Ring with Sapphires and Emeralds
Hybrid Ring with Sapphires and Emeralds Regular price$8,900.00
Hybrid Pear Drop Tourmaline Earrings
Hybrid Pear Drop Tourmaline Earrings Regular price$6,100.00
Sold out
Hybrid Freeform Sapphire Ring
Hybrid Freeform Sapphire Ring Regular price$4,850.00
Hybrid Emerald Earrings
Hybrid Emerald Earrings Regular price$13,500.00
Sold out
Hybrid Diamond Slice Pendant
Hybrid Diamond Slice Pendant Regular price$2,500.00
Sold out
For Mel
For Mel Regular price$0.00
Black Opal Cluster Ring
Black Opal Cluster Ring Regular price$9,750.00
Sold out
For Elise
For Elise Regular price$0.00