Sun-soaked sojourns, the smell of the ocean and slowing down: there's nothing quite like Christmas in Australia.

This month's edition takes us on a journey down the NSW south coast. In Port Kembla we meet Cinnamon Lee, known for her boundary-pushing work with technology and metal. You're then invited to 'Circle', the inaugural exhibition at a new creative space in Kiama.Cinnamon Lee at Port Kembla

Elemental Objects | Cinnamon Lee

He makes for an unexpected beach read, but German philosopher Walter Benjamin refers to 'aura' as the essence of an original artwork. Mechanical reproductions of an artwork, no matter how perfect, have no aura, and Cinnamon Lee concurs. 'My main objective with this particular technology is not only to create new things, but to provide new ideas, as opposed to reproducing those already in existence.' 

Lee is referring to computer-aided design and additive manufacturing techniques, which have become an important cornerstone of her practice as an artist, jeweller and lighting designer. Hands-on access to an early generation FDM 3D printing machine towards the end of her undergraduate degree at the turn of the century was a revelatory coincidence. 'It opened up such huge potential for three dimensional fabrication, which for me, up until that point had been conceptually limited by traditional subtractive fabrication processes - milling, grinding, drilling etc - and suddenly the impossible became much more possible.' Despite its widespread use today for industrial production, Cinnamon remains dedicated to pushing the artistic capabilities of digital fabrication.

Strikingly precise and robust, her designs embody conceptual tensions, often with little to no embellishment. It is not uncommon for her jewels to conceal messages of which only the wearer is aware: in one exceptional case, a rare pink diamond riveted closed inside the band. Perhaps this comes from Lee's own relationship with jewellery: 'I believe that the most important meanings come from the significance of the jewel to the wearer, rather than as a symbol of status, for example.' For those who prioritise substance over appearances, Cinnamon's pieces can be far more romantic than those worn to be viewed from afar.

Unsurprisingly, she gives little away when asked about new ideas brewing - only that there are numerous circles to be found in her latest exhibition series, and that the horizon line on the south coast is a constant muse. 'There's just an unparalleled sense of freedom that comes looking out to sea from the very edge of the country.' 

Cinnamon's 'Circle Work' series is currently showing at Seven Marks Gallery, Kiama. Her solo exhibition is scheduled for mid-2023. Stay updated on socials: @cinnamon.lee and @courtesyoftheartist.

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'Circle' Group Exhibition
Sevenmarks Gallery, Kiama

Courtesy of the Artist co-founders Nina & Cesar Cueva, together with artists Cobi Cockburn and Chick Butcher are proud to announce their newest venture: Sevenmarks Gallery.

Sevenmarks Gallery will present a curated schedule of exhibitions and events highlighting the uniqueness of Australian contemporary art and design set amongst the stunning backdrop of the beautiful South Coast of NSW.

The inaugural exhibition Circle features works by:

Cinnamon Lee, Mikey Freedom, Chick Butcher, Jon Goulder, Scott Chaseling, Cobi Cockburn, Gabrielle Adamik, Cesar Cueva and Matthew Heaney.
These artworks are showing now and available for purchase.

We warmly invite you to visit us if you're in or travelling down the coast.

7 Marks Street, Kiama NSW 2533
Open Friday 10am-5pm
or by appointment

Stone of the Month with Nina Cueva

'Showing a vast range of hues from deep ocean blue to sunny yellow, this bright and colourful Parti Sapphire is simply unafraid to shine. It's incredibly rare due to its cut and size, measuring an impressive 4.58 carat.'

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