So you’re getting engaged. Congratulations!
Or maybe you just want to surprise your special someone with a special something to show them how much you love them - as you should.
Whatever the occasion there’s a ring-shaped bump in the road that trips up even the most thoughtful gift-givers: sizing. Specifically, how to determine the perfect fit to avoid painful guesswork and unnecessary resizing. 
There are a few different methods you can use to determine the perfect ring size. Keep reading to find out. 
METHOD 1: Measure A Ring
Happen to own a ring that fits comfortably on the finger you intend to wear your new ring on? Then you’re already halfway there.
Simply measure the internal diameter of your existing ring in millimetres. In other words, measure the width of the circle that your fingers sit in, then look up your size on a ring sizing chart.
Or, better yet, visit us in store so we can do this for you and double check everything fits how you’d like it to.  
METHOD 2: Measure Your Finger
If you don’t have a suitable ring to measure or want to wear your new piece on a different finger, then this is the method for you. 
Cut a piece of string or paper to a decent length and wrap it around your finger at the point where you’d like your ring to sit. Make sure it fits comfortably – not too tight and not too lose – and mark the end point with a pen. 
Lay the string or paper out against a ruler and measure the length (mm) from its end to the point you marked with pen. This measurement will give you your finger circumference which can also be used to determined your ring size. 
Remember to do this a couple of times in different temperature environments: heat will widen your fingers, whereas cold will cause them to contract.
METHOD 3 (our preferred method): Visit us! 
The most accurate way to ensure a ring fits correctly is to try it on in person. This allows us to assess things in person and take other factors such as the shape, size and style of the ring into consideration. 
If you’re after a wider ring design, for example, we often recommend you upsize to allow for a more comfortable fit. Wider rings tend to sit tighter due to the increased surface area in contact with your finger, so sizing can vary. 
Your finger size can also fluctuate during the day, over time, and depending on the season. Oftentimes, if you sit between two sizes, we recommend you opt for the larger ring size to ensure you can wear your piece comfortably all year round. 
Shopping for a ring for someone special? If you're able to safely borrow a ring they wear on the same finger, bring it in-store so our team can assist with professional sizing advice. Alternatively, you can measure a ring in secret and provide us with the details to be able to provide the best fit. 
Can My Ring Be Resized? 
This depends on the materials the ring is made from and the overall design. 
While gold and sterling silver rings can be resized, some metals, including titanium and tungsten rings, cannot be resized because of the metals’ extreme hardness. Similarly, the more intricate the design (for example, multiple gemstones), the trickier it may be to resize. 
Don’t panic – this doesn’t make it impossible! Our team will guide you through your ring shopping process from start to finish, ensuring you are aware of all of your resizing options before committing. 
Still Unsure? Try our Gift A Stone Service 
​​When it comes to gifting meaningful pieces, the design process is half of the journey. At Co_ta, we are passionate about creating pieces with our customers, which is where our stone gifting service comes in. 
Here’s how it works:
  1. Visit us in store to pick a stone for your special someone or occasion.
  2. Your chosen stone is put in a fake band for you to gift. No need to get the ring size 100 per cent accurate. 
  3. After gifting, return to the store with your partner and choose one of our talented artists to design your forever piece.
Bonus: your partner has creative involvement throughout the process, which means they’re sure to love it! 
Whether you choose to measure your own ring, come in for a 1:1 consultation or opt for our Stone Gifting Service, at Co_ta we are dedicated to making your experience enjoyable and stress free. Because ring shopping should be fun. Simple.
To book your appointment with us, leave us your details here and one of our team will be in touch.