An exhibition of new work by jeweller and metalsmith Cinnamon Lee.

After a ten year hiatus, designer, metalsmith and jeweller Cinnamon Lee re-tunes her focus back to the illuminated object for her latest exhibition Lux Nocturna.

With the night as her muse, Lee intersects technology and the natural world, to create new works that reveal the allure of treasures found only under the cover of darkness. 

"There's an entire world of night creatures, like sphinx moths, that don't rely on being seen in daylight. But their underwings have bright flashes of colour, like night jewels, and they pollinate flowers that only bloom at night," says Cinnamon. 

Prior to Lux Nocturna, latin for 'night light', Cinnamon's light-based works have been acquired by the National Gallery of Australia (Photon) and the Art Gallery of Western Australia (Spectrum). 

"This show will be going back to the basics of what I admire: the covert and the unseen, and what happens when light is added." says Cinnamon.

The launch event for Lux Nocturna will be held on Saturday 17 June 2023 6-8pm at Sevenmarks Gallery, Kiama.

Places are limited - RSVP here.

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