We are excited to invite you to a beautiful installation of wearable art by Joké van der Flier. 

Joké has created a unique collection of necklaces, where she has merged bold & timeless design with old-world beads collected throughout her lifetime!

From the earliest form of adornment known to prehistoric humans, pendants were made from bone and shell either hunted or found, in their immediate surroundings. 

As a modern day ‘hunter and collector’, each necklace Joké has created, tells a different story with each beadfrom era’s gone past, that hold mystery and magic in a contemporary context.

From “trade beads” made of bone, shell, horn, amber, seeds, antique ivory and jet… to the beautiful shells Joké collected in the 1990’s along the Margaret River in Western Australia, this gorgeous collection of one-off necklaces cannot be missed! This body of work by Joké van der Flier celebrates her passion of jewellery that carry talismanic power, in a modern way.

Please join us on Thursday the 20th of September from 6-8pm at Courtesy of the Artist Loft, Level 4 of the Strand Arcade. Please RSVP here.

The Exhibition will be on until the 5th of October 2018.

Courtesy of the Artist Loft – Level 4, The Strand Arcade (Pitt St Entrance)

412-414 George Street, Sydney.