Shrunken Treasures by Fealofani Elisara

One of our resident artists, Fealofani Elisara will be launching her very first ‘solo’ jewellery exhibition this year, called Shrunken Treasures. 

After working almost two decades in the industry, Fealofani ‘sold out’ her first collection at Rare Earth Australian Made 2016 show for Courtesy of the Artist, which catapulted her into the design world. 

With collections such as Smokin Mama, Badass Warrior Women and Tassel me Free, Fealofani is designing for a new generation of women to not only embellish, but to empower! 

What makes her solo exhibition truly special, is Fealofani will be sharing her passion for miniature, to give her audience a birds eye view of her collection. 

‘I’ve had an obsession with miniature since I was a kid, where I had dreams of being Thumbelina. As a jewellery designer, perspective is EVERYTHING because you are working in millimetres. To bring out the best in a gemstone, you need to think like an architect because it is important to find balance and magnify it’s possibilities. Its no surprise that I wanted to share both my passion for jewellery and miniature at my very first solo exhibition. For this show, I created miniature sceneries from three of my favourite cities that inspire me as an artist as a way of featuring my jewellery. I can’t wait, it’s going to be fun! ’, says Fealofani.

‘Shrunken Treasures’ Opening Night will be a fully immersive experience where guests will be taken on a guided tour of Fealofani Elisara’s jewellery collection using SIGHT, SOUND, TASTE and SMELL.

Fealofani has recreated miniature sceneries from 3 of her favourite cities, as a magical way to exhibit her jewellery for her very first solo show.

SIGHT : Fealofani’s jewellery will be exhibited amongst miniature sceneries.

SOUND : Beautifully produced soundscape heard through headphones.

SMELL : Curated scents will be experienced throughout the exhibition.

TASTE : Various items will be tasted on this very unique tour.

Sponsored by Four Pillars Gin, Scentsmith, Quali-Tea, Doodad & Fandango, Noose & Dagger and Preset Constructions Pty Ltd.

A special thanks to the Gascoigne family for allowing us to display the amazing handcrafted ships in a bottle by Ray Gascoigne.

Opening Night for Shrunken Treasures will take place on 23 May 2018, from 6pm to 9pm. The event has limited capacity, so bookings are essential even through entry is free. Please register for Opening Night here.

Courtesy of the Artist Loft

Level 4, The Strand Arcade (Pitt St Entrance)

412-414 George Street, Sydney.