POSTPONED: Raising the Bar. 20 Innovators. 10 Bars. 1 Night.


Courtesy of the Artist Loft is happy to be partnering up with Raising the Bar to facilitate talks by Sasha Sarago and Prof. Keir Winesmith.


The City of Sydney is a proud supporter of the innovators, entrepreneurs and business owners that make Sydney a vibrant place to live and work. In 2020, the City will deliver a series of initiatives and events to support small businesses impacted by the light rail construction, including Raising the Bar on 1 April, 2020.

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Prof. Keir Winesmith 6:30pm-7:30pm

Contemporary technologies mediate our experience of the world, for better and for worse. They also mediate how we make, consume and understand cultural objects and experiences. Technology and art have always informed each other, even the idea that technology and culture are separate is a relatively new one on this continent. How they will intertwine, challenge, shape and amplify each other in the future provide a fascinating area for exploration. Let’s go on a journey there together.



Sasha Sarago 8:00pm-9:00pm

Gone is the era when traditional media monopolised social commentary. Since the rise of new media, new voices, notably the underrepresented, have emerged. In this talk, Sasha explores how Indigenous and multicultural Australians are shifting the media paradigm; how they’re becoming the social, political and cultural influencers of choice. And the ways new media has empowered people of colour to spark global revolutions, challenge unconscious bias and carve their future for self-representation. All the while, turning the digital landscape into 360 degree universities.