HABITAT: Solo Jewellery Exhibition by Fealofani Elisara


For one precious hour, each guest will enjoy a multi-sensory experience using sight, sound, taste and scent, as a way to fully immerse themselves in Fealofani Elisara’s latest jewellery collection HABITAT.


Everyone who takes the journey will receive a package in the mail, where they will then unpack each element with the artist on this virtual tour.


This powerful collaboration with photographer Cesar Cueva consists of miniature sceneries featuring her latest collection, amongst EIGHT unique habitats.


Each HABITAT has THEN been rounded out with soundscapes by music producer Adam Cox, elements of scent by Ainslie Walker and other added surprises to help transport you out of your HABITAT…. into a reimagined one!


As an extra treat for this Saturday night in, Fealofani has also invited her close friends Dj’s Charlie Villas and Hamo Tevita to play music throughout the tour, with a VERY special door prize to be announced at the end of the night.


With only 100 spots available, this event is NOT TO BE MISSED!


When: Saturday, the 23rd of May

Time: 6pm to 7pm.


*COST: $25.00 to receive your ‘Habitat’ package in the mail any where in the world. This will include enough contents for one person.
Note: if you miss the Opening Night, you can still watch and enjoy at a later date.


WARNING: This tour is NOT recommended for children, as some content may offend.

PHOTOGRAPH by Cesar Cueva