Courtesy of the Artist Custom offers a unique experience in custom designed jewellery, from bespoke wedding and engagement rings to one of a kind heirloom jewels.

Rare Earth:Australian Made Video

Explore the work of our eight Custom Artists below.

Cesar Cueva

Cinnamon Lee

Fealofani Elisara

Marina Antoniou

Roberto Mattei

Todd Turner

Carla Maxine Germann

Nina Cueva

Selected for their superior level of craftsmanship, our eight Custom artists represent a range of disciplines and signature styles. With a passion for connecting our valued clients to the right artist, director Nina Cueva has an intuitive sense of identifying each unique vision and bringing them to life. We specialise in beautiful Australian gemstones with one of the largest sapphire collections in the country, alongside an assemblage of unique gemstones from around the world. Our desire is to not only provide a true handmade retail experience but pride ourselves on creating pieces that are one of a kind!

Previous Commissions

Feel free to browse our beautiful collection of previous commissions to get a clearer idea of the process for a custom commission.

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Rare Earth: Australian Made

Rare Earth: Australian Made is the reimagining of contemporary fine jewellery.


Showcasing the individual work by six of our resident artists, we celebrate some of Australia’s most coveted gemstones with sea green, vivid teal and cobalt blue Sapphires from Central Queensland to Champagne and Cognac Diamonds from the Kimberley region in Western Australia. We also have a deep love for unique and rare gemstones from around the world that have been selected for this annual exhibition.

“Personal adornments can take many forms. They have the ability to transcend time and place. Significant pieces are imbued with rich sentiment and treasured for a lifetime. At Courtesy of the Artist Custom we understand the significance of jewellery in enriching peoples lives.” – Nina Cueva, Director

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