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Sylvia Nevistic

This collection of jewellery and objects are influenced by three of Sylvia’s most favourite things. The decorative arts, poetry and nature. Rhythm and repetition feature heavily in the jewellery pieces in particular the use of a granule or a dot repeated over and over.
Hidden Sunshine
Hidden Sunshine Regular price$1,450.00
Echoes on the Hill Necklace
Echoes on the Hill Necklace Regular price$1,250.00
Spangles Heaven Brooch
Spangles Heaven Brooch Regular price$1,845.00
Spangles Heaven
Spangles Heaven Regular price$1,845.00
Patines of Bright Gold Ring
Patines of Bright Gold Ring Regular price$2,225.00
Patines of Bright Gold
Patines of Bright Gold Regular price$2,225.00
Echoes on the Hill
Echoes on the Hill Regular price$1,250.00
Sold out
No Longer Golden
No Longer Golden Regular price$975.00
No Longer Golden Earrings
No Longer Golden Earrings Regular price$975.00