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Kate Alterio

Kate Alterio

Meticulous processes involved in making jewellery are, for me, akin to meditative practice. Both call for presence, focus, care and patience, qualities I find calming and centering. I find it satisfying and inspiring to use reoccurring shapes with subtle adjustments to create pieces that, while minimal in essence, can be still visually striking. I work predominantly in silver and gold, making use of repetition, recurring patterns, geometric forms and subtle details. I take a minimalist design approach to convey my conceptual ideas.
Within You Earrings
Within You Earrings Regular price$330.00
Within You Necklace
Within You Necklace Regular price$2,180.00
Silver Lining Necklace
Silver Lining Necklace Regular price$915.00
Sold out
Polarity Earrings
Polarity Earrings Regular price$275.00
Sold out
Point of Light Earrings
Point of Light Earrings Regular price$320.00
Point of Balance Necklace
Point of Balance Necklace Regular price$2,310.00
Path of Light Necklace
Path of Light Necklace Regular price$850.00
Journey of Shadow and Light Necklace
Journey of Shadow and Light Necklace Regular price$1,310.00
Sold out
Holding the Balance Earrings
Holding the Balance Earrings Regular price$280.00
Sold out
Contrast Necklace
Contrast Necklace Regular price$1,320.00
Constellation Necklace
Constellation Necklace Regular price$1,870.00
Balancing Duality Earrings
Balancing Duality Earrings Regular price$330.00