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Cass Partington

Designed to be worn and interpreted, simple forms are minimally decorated and make reference to signs, code and the urban landscape.
Tab Pendant
Tab Pendant Regular price$315.00
Small Tab Pendant
Small Tab Pendant Regular price$295.00
Sold out
Small Square Tab Pendant
Small Square Tab Pendant Regular price$295.00
Large Square Tab Pendant
Large Square Tab Pendant Regular price$315.00
Bus Stop Small Pendant
Bus Stop Small Pendant Regular price$185.00
Sold out
Bus Stop Large Pendant
Bus Stop Large Pendant Regular price$315.00
Sold out
Cass Black Diamond Studs
Cass Black Diamond Studs Regular price$850.00
Transmission Five Stack Rings
Transmission Five Stack Rings Regular price$4,800.00
Rebel Alliance Stack Rings
Rebel Alliance Stack Rings Regular price$3,975.00
Black Eleven Stack Rings
Black Eleven Stack Rings Regular price$6,350.00
U Discs Large Silver Earrings
U Discs Large Silver Earrings Regular price$290.00