ARMOURED CROWNS Exhibition by BSVii and Fealofani Elisara

Sydney creatives Nadia Valavanis (hat maker of BSVii) and jewellery designer Fealofani Elisara, have come together for a powerful collaboration of seven bespoke hats to empower and embellish!

With this ARMOURED CROWNS Collection, there is a clear testimony of their shared love of artisanal storytelling.


Each crown goes beyond the world of ‘fashion’ where each piece tells a talismanic story of LOVE, POWER, HONOUR, WISDOM, PROTECTION, STRENGTH & TRUTH.


Bespoke hat maker Nadia, has handcrafted each of these felt crowns in seven earthly tones to represent the varying landscapes of Australia. From a cowboy rustling up their cattle in the outback…to a single mum working her way up the corporate ladder, each crown has been created to enthrone any King or Queen of their domain!


Like an exclamation mark to each powerful story, jewellery designer Fealofani has created strong metal symbolism to embellish each crown.

From a yellow gold ox horn …to Poseidon’s trident, each piece represents the spiritual strength of survival.

She has even recreated a tiny silver pistol where she explains, ‘I haven’t recreated a gun to glamourise the use of it. To me it is a symbol of protection. The intention one has, when using ANY kind of weaponry, is what separates the worthy from the wretched’.

Nadia also adds with regards to each crown, ‘I see my hats as a state of art. Storytelling is deeply engrained in what I do, where each crown.. becomes an extension of one’s personality’.


There will be limited capacity due to COVID-19. After each session, guests will be asked to exit the building.


The venue will be thoroughly cleaned and then re-open for the next session.


For more information contact: or phone 02 92326804


*ALL attendees must arrive wearing a mask or one will be provided and you will need to check into the event using NSW Health QR codes on arrival. There will be a seated area where you can drink wine and snack on nibbles, where masks can be removed.



Official Opening Night with celebrations over two sessions

FRIDAY 12th of February, 2021

Session #1: 6:00pm – 7:00pm *SOLD OUT

Session #2: 7:30pm-8:30pm *SOLD OUT

Courtesy of the Artist Loft

Level 4 The Strand Arcade (Pitt St Entrance)

*After the Opening Night, you can then view this beautiful collection on Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th of February between 11am-4pm.

Photo courtesy of Cesar Cueva