About Us

Courtesy of the Artist offers Sydney’s most dynamic collection of contemporary jewellery in each of their three galleries.


Known for defining a modern aesthetic with their constantly evolving catalogue of artist works, directors Nina Cueva and Cesar Cueva are passionate about exhibiting the best in contemporary design. Established as Metalab in 2005, (a hub to foster and showcase artists from Sydney), Courtesy of the Artist has now grown to proudly represent over 80 Artists from Australia and around the world. Courtesy of the Artist continue to promote innovative and original work by celebrating the latest technologies whilst respecting the most traditional of crafts.


Courtesy of the Artist and Courtesy of the Artist Custom, sit side by side like two jewel boxes on the second floor of the historic Strand Arcade in Sydney (accessible via either Pitt Street or George Street entrances). “Repositioning the jewellery from an atelier, gallery-style space into the commercial context of the CBD has enabled us to show a broader audience what jewellery can be,” says Nina. And with a collection of more than 60 Australian contemporary jewellers, there’s a lot to show – at prices ranging from $100 to $10,000. “We know each artist personally, and sharing their stories and motivation is an integral part of experiencing this type of jewellery.”


Extending the connection between artist and owner is the premise of the second store, Courtesy of the Artist Custom, at which six artists chosen for their superior level of craftsmanship – Cesar Cueva, Cinnamon Lee, Marina Antoniou, Todd Turner, Fealofani Elisara and Roberto Mattei – collaborate directly with clients. From $500 to $100,000 commissions, each is unique, individually crafted and imbued with a sense of the intended owner.


“We work directly with the guy who is fossicking for the stones, the guy who cuts the stones and then with the jeweller. We represent some of the best contemporary jewellers in Sydney who are at top of their game. and we’re getting inquiries from all over Australia.”


Courtesy Of The Artist Custom also welcomes commissions for commitment, engagement and wedding rings as well as re-crafting existing pieces, meaning that the creations are genuinely one of a kind. In typical bespoke fashion, no two pieces are the same.