About Face 2018

About Face is an annual exhibition by Courtesy of the Artist celebrating how women accentuate the face, with their ability to accessorise. Earrings in particular make the perfect ornament because not only do they enhance ones beauty, they create infinite possibilities with how the wearer can express their individual personalities.

As a collective, the Courtesy of the Artist stable of artists have created a unique range of earrings for About Face using a vast range of materials from wood, perspex and stainless steel to diamonds, Australian sapphires and precious metals.

We are very excited to launch this exhibition of contemporary earring designs for the modern woman, so in addition we have teamed up with Emma-Lee Court from the Make Up Wardrobe to launch a collection of lipsticks, for a little bit of extra magic.

Inspired by uniquely different jewellery designers, Emma-Lee has created five beautiful lipstick colours to match the earring designs of Erin Timony, Doodad & Fandango, Fealofani Elisara, Carla Maxine Germann and Danielle Karlikoff.

What is it ‘about YOUR face’ that makes you stand out as an individual? Come join us on Opening Night for all the fun and find out.

Please join us for the opening of ‘About Face’ at Courtesy of the Artist Loft. 6 – 8pm on the 8th of November 2018. Level 4 (Use the Pitt Street Elevator), The Strand Arcade, Sydney.

Artists participating in ABOUT FACE: Gabriella Luchini, Julia Storey, Phoebe Porter, Sandi Lehmann, Sarah Bourke, Shan Shan Mok, Shimara Carlow, Van der Rauw, Adina Jozsef, Belinda Esperson, Danielle Lo, Erin Timony, Carla Maxine Germann, Danielle Karlikoff, Doodad & Fandango, Fealofani Elisara, Danni Schwaag, Elodie Darwish, Emmeline Hastings, Rebecca Hinwood, Erika Wessels, Helen Mok, Jan-Maree Oliveira, Jane Frances Reilly, Jin ah Jo, Kaoru Rogers, Leonie Simpson, Luke Abbot, Mary Odorcic, Maureen Faye-Chauhan, Melinda Young, Peaches + Keen, Diane Allison, Bic Tieu and Albert Tse.

Photo (Top) courtesy of Emmeline Hastings. Photo (Bottom Left) courtesy of Cesar Cueva. Photo (Bottom Right) courtesy of Alia-ole-vanu Buhre.